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Our Team

Shaki Asgari has expertise in conceptualization, design, and implementation of both laboratory experiments and field studies. Dr. Asgari has engaged in both collaborative and independent psychology- and education-related research projects. She has published in peer-reviewed journals and has presented the outcome of various research studies in national conferences. Her previous experiences include Assistant Professor, Mental Health/School Counselor, and consecutive Postdoctoral Fellowships at Fordham University and University of Massachusetts.




Post-secondary Education

  • Gender, race, and social class disparity studies

  • Role model effectiveness

  • Self-perception, identity, and motivation to succeed

  • Academic and career mentorship

  • Alumni perspectives, satisfaction, and career readiness

  • Effective post-secondary practices

  • College preparatory research/evaluation

  • Parent engagement, perspectives, and satisfaction



Research and Evaluation

  • Design and implementation of cross-sectional and longitudinal research studies

  • Quantitative and qualitative methodology

  • Instrument design

  • Data analysis (both descriptive and advanced inferential)

  • Concise, targeted, and user-friendly research reports

  • Data-driven decision making

  • Training and technical assistance in research and evaluation




  • Ph.D. (2003), Experimental Social Psychology, The New School for Social Research, NYC

  • M.A. (1999), Experimental Social Psychology, The New School for Social Research, NYC

  • M.S. (1991), Counselor Education, Canisius College, Buffalo, NY

  • B.A. (1988), Sociology, SUNY at Buffalo

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