Measurement Incorporated’s team of accomplished researchers

can assist your organization in all aspects of the research/evaluation

process, and leveraging data for program improvement and

sustainability.  Our areas of expertise include:

  •  Comprehensive program evaluations

  •  Needs assessment surveys and self-assessment systems                            

  •  Logic modeling

  •  Indicator system development

  •  Statewide survey research

  •  Web-based data collection, tracking, and reporting tools

  •  Assistance with federal reporting requirements

  •  Identification and dissemination of best practices

  •  Synthesis and dissemination of research

Program Evaluation projects we're working on
Professional Development projects we're working on

Measurement Incorporated helps school districts plan and implement new initiatives and build capacity to sustain meaningful change.  We take a collaborative approach to designing and delivering customized technical assistance and professional development. Our suite of services includes:

  •  Consultations

  •  Training workshops

  •  Print and web-based training materials

  •  Conferences and convenings

  •  Webinars


Areas of Expertise


  •  Special Education Systems and Practices

  •  Multi-tiered Systems of Support (RtI and PBIS)

  •  Early Literacy

  •  Leadership Development

  •  Bullying Prevention

  •  School Safety and Healthy School Climate

  •  Career & Technical Education

  •  STEM

  •  Student Support Services

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Categorical Bilingual Programs - New York State Education Department

Description coming soon.

GEAR UP Initiative - New York State Higher Education Services Corporation

MI was awarded a 7-year contract to evaluate New York State’s GEAR UP initiative—which is our third such statewide award. The GEAR UP Initiative aims to significantly increase the number of at-risk students who are prepared to enter and succeed in postsecondary education. Using a quasi-experimental design, MI is examining the impacts of the GEAR UP interventions on student outcomes by following a cohort of students from Grade 7 through the 1st year of college. Inferential and multivariate analyses will be conducted to examine differential program effects on the annual and longitudinal academic/performance trends of project students vs. comparison students. MI is also coordinating the collection and analyses of site-level data for federal Annual Performance Reports (APR) and biennial reports.

Special Education Parent Involvement Surveys - West Virginia Department of Education

Since 2013, MI has conducted West Virginia’s statewide parent involvement survey. The West Virginia Department of Education (WVDOE) uses two forms of the National Center for Special Education Accountability and Monitoring surveys for statewide data collection, one for parents of preschool children and the other for parents of school age children (Kindergarten through 21 year olds). WVDOE reports these data as part of the IDEA requirements to measure parent involvement. MI provides WVDOE with aggregate and disaggregate data as needed for Annual Performance Reports (APR) as well as district reports.

State Personnel Development Grant - Iowa State Board of Education

MI was awarded a 5-year contract to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of Iowa’s State Personnel Development Grant, which focuses on Specially Designed Instruction to support literacy for students with disabilities. The evaluation is being conducted in close collaboration with the Iowa Department of Education to support program development, refinement, and expansion, as implementation of a train-the-trainer model transitions from a small group of pilot schools to statewide implementation. The evaluation is designed to: 1) provide ongoing data to inform stakeholders and support decision making; 2) allow for midcourse corrections and continuous improvement; 3) provide communication to federal, state, and local stakeholders to support scaling up and sustainability; and 4) assess the degree of systems changes resulting from the grant activities, services, and practices.

Teacher Incentive Fund Evaluation - Pitt County Schools, NC

In 2017, MI was selected to conduct an independent evaluation of Pitt County Schools’ Teacher Incentive Fund project. This 5-year study focuses on the design and implementation of a district-wide human capital management system to coordinate and align the functions of teacher recruitment, induction, evaluation, professional development and incentives across all schools in the district. Of particular interest is the roll-out of teacher pathways to leadership positions, the model of professional development used to support more advanced practice, and the impact of the model on teaching skills and student learning.

21st Century Community Learning Centers - New York State Education Department

In 2017, MI was awarded a 5-year contract to conduct the external evaluation of New York State’s 21st Century Community Learning Centers initiative, which focuses primarily on children who attend high poverty and low-performing schools, and provides expanded learning opportunities for academic enrichment, youth development, and family literacy to help students meet the state academic standards. MI is evaluating NYSED’s achievement of objectives related to statewide improvements in participating students’ academic performance and behavior, the effectiveness of 21st CCLC Resource Centers (professional development and technical assistance activities), and the performance of local 21st CCLC programs in New York City and across NY State. In addition, MI is reviewing and assessing the quality and completeness of local, program-level, annual evaluation reports; guiding NYSED in its transition to state-level data collection system; and supporting local program evaluators to help improve the quality and consistency of local program evaluation throughout the state.

21st Century Community Learning Centers - Miami-Dade County Public Schools

MI is conducting a 5-year evaluation of the implementation and impact of a 21st Century Community Learning Center grant at the Jose DeDiego Middle School in the Wynwood section of Miami. The Center will offer: afterschool academic tutoring in math, science, and language arts; cultural and art activities; career exploration; and recreational programs. MI will conduct formative and summative evaluation activities designed to provide continuous feedback to project leaders on the roll-out of the program and its impact on student outcomes including school behavior, attendance, grades, and test scores.

GEAR UP Initiative - Duval County Public Schools

MI was awarded a seven-year contract to evaluate the Duval County (Florida) Public Schools’ GEAR UP initiative. The intent of the GEAR UP Initiative—Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs—is to significantly increase the number of at-risk students who are prepared to enter and succeed in postsecondary education. Using a quasi-experimental design (Retrospective Comparison Cohort [RCC]), MI will examine the impacts of the GEAR UP interventions on student outcomes: academic achievement, postsecondary preparation and college persistence. A noteworthy feature of this project is an online database that captures individual student participation, demographic, and school-level data.

Prince Georges County Public Schools’ Teacher Leadership Initiative Evaluation - Prince George’s County(MD) Public Schools

In early 2019, MI was awarded a contract to provide two related, yet distinct, research services: 1) the external evaluation of the district’s Teacher and School Leader (TSL) grant awarded by the USDE, and 2) research coordination services to support the evaluation work and to conduct and report the findings of related research to the USDE. The former calls for formative and summative evaluation methods to assess the implementation of the project – the development and operation of a human capital management system (HCMS) that leads to improved selection/recruitment of instructional staff, instructional practices, professional development and performance rewards. The latter focuses on the facilitation of communication between evaluation and district staff; creation of a project communication plan; development of multi-media products to share the results of research; and creation of articles and white papers that disseminate the findings of the project.

Illinois Charter Schools Program Evaluation – Illinois State Board of Education

MI was awarded a three-year evaluation contract to study Illinois charter schools, made possible through a combination of federal and state funds. In Year 1, we conducted a case study of two charter schools that had been awarded state dissemination grants, following them and their non-charter partners through all phases of the dissemination process. The findings were submitted in a report to ISBE. In Year 2, the focus of our work shifted to identify general features of charter schools at large and the effects of mandate relief on policies and outcomes. Through principal surveys and site visits, we will investigate whether high performing charter schools differ in policies and practices from other charter schools. In Year 3, we will facilitate a sharing of innovations/best practices in the charter school community through monthly web-based presentations. The culminating product will be a compendium of these best practices which we will submit to ISBE for posting and dissemination.

Special Education Parent Survey – Illinois State Board of Education

Description coming soon.

Student Learning Assessment - Science Customer Satisfaction Survey – New Jersey State Department of Education

Description coming soon.

Success by Design Program Evaluation – Charlotte-Mecklenburg Public Schools

Description coming soon.

Systems of Care Program Evaluation – Rockland County Department of Mental Health

Description coming soon.



New York State Early Intervention Program Online Professional Development Center – New York State Department of Health

In New York, the Department of Health is the designated lead agency responsible for the implementation of the Early Intervention Program (EIP) as authorized by Part C of the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Under contract to the state, Measurement Incorporated operates the EIP Online Professional Development Center and delivers statewide web- based training for EIP providers, municipal staff, parents, child care providers and other interested parties on topics identified by the Department. The “primary target audience” includes approved early intervention service coordinators, evaluators, and service providers, municipal representatives responsible for local oversight of the EIP; qualified personnel and primary referral sources; undergraduate and graduate students in early childhood education, special education, or related areas of study; and parents of children participating in the EIP.

New York State Center for School Safety – New York State Education Department

In August 2014, MI was awarded a 5-year contract by NYSED to establish and operate a Statewide Technical Assistance Center, to provide services critical to the health and safety of students, district and school staff, and communities throughout the State. These include (a) professional development and technical assistance to assist schools and districts in developing safe and supportive school climates; (b) review/assessment of district safety plans; (c) on-site investigations and climate assessment walk-throughs; (d) rapid response to school emergency/crisis situations; and (e) evaluation and analysis of student data related to attendance, disciplinary referrals and truancy as well as incidents of violent and disruptive behaviors (e.g., bullying, harassment, and discrimination). In addition, the Center maintains a resource-enhanced website ( All Center activities are aligned with the purposes of the Safe Schools Against Violence in Education Act (Project SAVE), the Dignity for All Students Act (Dignity Act) legislation, the NYS Guidelines for Social and Emotional Development and Learning (Guidelines for SEDL) and the New York Secure Ammunition Firearms Enforcement Act (NYSAFE Act).

Early Childhood Family & Community Engagement Center (FACE) - New York State Education Department/Office of Special Education

In the Spring of 2019, MI was awarded a contract to operate one of the regional Early Childhood Family & Community Engagement (FACE) Centers. The Center, which operates in the Capital Region and North Country (i.e., Adirondack) sectors of Upstate NY, provides technical assistance and professional development to a variety of early childhood stakeholders as determined through regional planning. Stakeholders for the Early Childhood FACE Center include families of children age birth-5 as well as community members and staff of programs and early childhood settings where preschool students with disabilities are served.

North Country Regional Partnership Center (RPC) - New York State Education Department/Office of SpecialEducation

In the Spring of 2019, MI was awarded a contract to operate the North Country Regional Partnership Center. The Center provides technical assistance and professional development to a variety of stakeholders as determined through regional planning. Stakeholders include students, families and staff of early childhood programs/approved preschools, public school districts, approved private day and residential schools, Special Act schools, State-supported, and State-operated schools. Services include regional trainings on identified topics; monthly webinars; online learning modules; site-based coaching; and annual meetings. Through a continuous improvement cycle guided by the Regional Level Team, stakeholders work toward sustainability and share promising/effective practices within the region and across the State.

Capital District Regional Partnership Center - New York State Department of Education

Description coming soon.

New York State Safe and Supportive Schools Technical Assistance Center - New York State Department of Education

Description coming soon.

Religious and Independent Schools Professional Development Resource Center - New York State Department of Education

Description coming soon.

MI is also a prequalified/preapproved vendor in many states and school

districts for both program evaluation and technical assistance services.        

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