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Our Team

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Katie Pincher has over fifteen years of experience in the fields of early childhood development, early intervention, and preschool education both general and special education. She has spent her career working in several different capacities including: Preschool Teacher, Child Care Center Director, Technical Assistance Coordinator for statewide extended school day programs, and an Early Childhood Specialist. As an Early Childhood Specialist with the Capital District/North Country Early Childhood Direction Center, Katie provided technical assistance, resources and training to support school districts, early childhood professionals and parents of children with disabilities (birth – age 5). She has designed and implemented staff development training on a variety of topics to support specific needs and build the capacity of early childhood programs and services. Katie has collaborated with colleagues and community partners such as school districts, Head Start programs, special education preschool programs, day care centers, colleges and parent groups, to create, plan and present regional forums, conferences and trainings. Currently, Katie works within the School Improvement division at MI as a Resource and Referral Specialist on the Capital District/North Country Early Childhood Family and Community Engagement Center project.



  • Design and implementation of professional development:

  • Brain Architecture and social emotional development in early childhood

  • Early Literacy

  • Preschool Training Series: Steps to Smoother Transitions, Using Classroom Schedules and Rules, Challenging Behavior

  • Technical Assistance and community resources for families  

  • Coaching and mentoring early childhood teams to improve outcomes for all students



B.S., Special Education and Elementary Education, Plattsburgh State University, 1999

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