MI helps clients plan and implement new initiatives, evaluate impacts, and build capacity for continuous improvement and sustainability.

Over the past 30 years, we've conducted thousands of projects for education and human services organizations at the federal, state and local levels.


Program Evaluation

Prince George’s County Public Schools Teacher Leadership Initiative Evaluation

In 2019, MI was awarded a contract to conduct the external evaluation of the district’s TSL grant, and to provide research coordination services to support the evaluation work.

Duval County Public Schools
GEAR UP Program Evaluation

In 2018, MI was awarded a 7 year contract to evaluate this important college readiness initiative. 

School Improvement

Religious and Independent Schools Professional Development Resource Center

In 2019, MI was awarded a 5 year contract to operate this Center serving all regions of New York State outside

of New York City and Long Island.  The Center provides professional development and technical assistance to build the capacity of New York State’s religious and independent schools to deliver high quality education leading to advanced levels of student achievement. 

The Capital District Regional Partnership Center (RPC)

MI was awarded a 5 year contract in 2019 to operate the RPC in the Capital District of New York State, providing technical assistance and

professional development on topics related to special education.



As the events of the last few weeks unfold, we’ve had to examine how we do our work and decide on a new normal. We have had to enact plans to keep ourselves safe and devise creative solutions to keep moving forward. More than ever, it is important to reflect on how we prepare youth for the vastly different landscape of the future. In this post, I talk about preparing youth for the future of work and how it can start with a safe and supportive environment for learning and how that can be modeled in the workplace as well.


Featured Staff Member

Q & A with Tina Tierney, B.A., Director of the Center for School Safety

How long have you been working for MI and what is your current role?

My employment began in 2000 when I was hired by Tom Kelsh to work for Capital Assessments. I started as a Research Assistant supporting our Safe Schools Healthy Students projects. After enjoying an extended maternity leave, I returned to MI in 2010. My current role is the Project Director of the New York State Center for School Safety. Our team provides professional development and technical assistance to schools, districts, and families. We address topics related to school safety and how we can work together to create and maintain safe and healthy learning environments for all students.


MI operates multiple statewide technical assistance centers.  We are a New York State approved CTLE provider.

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