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Our Team

As Director, Tina Tierney is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the NYS Center for School Safety (NYSCFSS). She oversees all aspects of the Center’s services and deliverables including: VADIR/DASA training; school site visits; technical assistance with school safety planning; review and development of Incident Reduction Plans (IRPs); school climate assessment; and professional learning opportunities. Tina has worked collaboratively with team members on regional, statewide, and international evaluation projects as well as statewide professional development projects designed to provide a safe, supportive learning environment for students.  Ms. Tierney’s project experience also includes the design and implementation of professional development to improve outcomes for students with disabilities, capacity building of districts and schools, and use of research-based practices.  Prior to joining Measurement Incorporated, Ms. Tierney worked in community-based programs designed to improve services for children in foster care, and to assist adults with mental health and substance abuse issues succeed in their community.


K-12 Education

  • HIV and STD Prevention Programs for Youth in Illinois professional development program designed to:

    • Promote a safe and supportive learning environment for students

    • Promote policies and programs to decrease bullying and sexual harassment

    • Promote parent engagement in schools

    • Foster school connectedness for students and staff

  • Evaluation of the Homeless Education Programming for McKinney-Vento Grantee Districts in New York State

  • Evaluation of Safe Schools/Healthy Students

    • School climate survey assessments

    • Evaluation of evidence-based interventions

    • Documenting outcomes of community collaborations

  • Evaluation of Civics Education

  • Maryland Environmental Literacy Evaluation

  • Preschool Special Education Quality Indicators and Program Evaluation

  • Parent Involvement Studies: Local and Statewide

  • New York State Professional Learning Center for the RSE-TASC

  • Qualitative and Quantitative Data Collection, Analyses, and Interpretation

  • Federal Accountability Reporting



B.A., Psychology, Siena College, Albany, NY

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