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Mark Concordia, M.S.
Senior Staff Developer

As Senior Staff Developer, Mark Concordia is responsible for resource development and content delivery for the NYS Center for School Safety (NYSCFSS).  Mark Concordia, an expert within the field of Behavioral Threat Assessment and Management and is a Certified Threat Manager (CTM) through the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals.   Mark is an integral part all aspects of the Center’s training program development and instruction including behavioral threat assessment and threat management program development and implementation; school site visits; technical assistance with school safety planning; review and development of Incident Reduction Plans (IRPs); school climate assessment; and professional learning opportunities.  Mark is also recognized violence prevention expect with over 20 years of law enforcement experience, with a 15-year+ specialty in targeted violence prevention. He is also a recognized counterterrorism expert, having spent 13 years of his law enforcement career with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force.  Prior to joining Measurement Incorporated, Mark worked as an Associate Professor, Training Manager for AT-RISK International, Certified FBI Instructor, and New York State Department of Criminal Justice Services Instructor. He is credited with building, training, and managing Behavioral Threat Assessment and Management protocols for higher education, K-12 districts, community-wide threat advisory teams, and police threat response units. Mark is a member of the National Center for School Safety Cadre of Experts and serves on the ASIS School Safety Committee.


Experience in K-12 Education and Beyond

Through Mark's expertise, commitment to public safety, and his collaborative multidisciplinary approach, he has produced a positive national and regional impact on K-12 targeted violence mitigation and emergency response plans, policies, and procedures. Mark's influence spans the private and public sector, including:


  • National and international trainer and consultant for both the private and public sectors

  • Forming the Rochester Threat Advisory Committee (ROCTAC) with Monroe County Sheriff Todd Baxter.   ROCTAC is a cross-systems community-based resource for mitigating high-risk threat cases with a nexus to targeted violence.  

  • Developing student and adult behavioral intervention and threat management training, programs, protocols, and assessment guides

  • Training on best practices for Schools and Community Threat Assessment and Management teams

  • Developing school resource officer and school security specialists threat response training, protocols, and documentation

  • Providing behavioral threat assessment expert opinion for the Monroe County Bar Association Extreme Risk Order (Red Flag law) awareness and guidance initiative

  • Developing and conducting threat assessment training for the Department of Justice Office of Overseas Prosecutorial Development Assistance and Training



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