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Our Team

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Mrs. Valmore is a highly experienced project director with over 20 years of experience in the area of managing and evaluating technical assistance and professional development programs across schools, districts and agencies throughout New York State. She has 8 years of experience directing statewide technical assistance and professional development centers for the NYSED serving school leaders, educators and technical assistance agents. Her experience in these areas spans both core content and areas of curriculum and instruction. She has specialized more recently in the areas of Special Education school improvement and Independent and Religious school improvement. As Senior Staff Developer at MI and Director of the NYSED SORIS Religious and Independent Schools Professional Development Resource Center (PDRC) (for all regions north of Long Island and NYC), Kelly is responsible for managing, designing, and implementing professional development and technical assistance for Religious and Independent schools across the State. Kelly also supports the design and implementation of internal MI projects and committees within the School Improvement division as well as manages project staff. Kelly’s specific skills sets supporting her project work include needs assessments, survey development, data collection and analysis, qualitative work, the design and deliver of PD/TA, use of technology to deliver and enhance learning and evaluation and program evaluation.  



K-20 Education

  • Program Evaluation of PD and TA

  • Design and Delivery of PD and TA

  • Development of PD Quality Indicators

  • Systems of School Improving

  • Directing Statewide Systems of PD and TA

  • Evaluation of Performance Based Incentive Systems

  • Qualitative Case Study Methodologies

  • Web-Based Documentation Systems Development and Management

  • Qualitative and Quantitative Instrument Design

  • Self-Assessment Systems for Professional Development



  • M.A. (1997), Community Psychology, Sage Graduate School

  • B.A. (1991), Psychology, State University of New York at Potsdam

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